Small Business Brand Expo - Recap

Hosted By Spectrum Reach - Presentation By Gerry O’Brion

Hosted By Spectrum Reach - Presentation By Gerry O’Brion

The American Marketing Association is the essential community for marketers. Within the Charlotte chapter, we’re fortunate to have great partners and collaborators, helping us achieve some of our goals around connecting, growing, and solidifying marketing’s role in the business community. That’s why we wanted to share some insights from the recent Small Business Brand Expo event, hosted by Spectrum Reach and presented by Gerry O’Brion, former marketing executive at P&G, Miller Coors, Red Robin, Quizno’s & More.


  • Know Your “Because”. Sounds basic but explaining it further, whenever large or small brands make a statement, it's simply that, a statement, until further defined.

    • By simply defining your "because" and explaining the logic behind your statement - you're able to immediately build trust and make that same statement more believable.

    • Need an example? Papa John's says "Better Pizza", but until defining why, it holds little weight. By simply explaining they have better pizza "because we have better ingredients that are always fresh", it's more believable.

  • People buy off emotion but immediately need logic to justify their reasoning.

    • If all you do is make a statement (even if emotionally captivating), its less likely people make a decision to purchase your product until they can logically justify it.

  • People are most motivated to avoid what they don’t want.

    • People aren’t as motivated to make decisions based on what they want as they are based on avoiding what they don’t want.

    • Ex: 2019 Bud Light corn syrup commercial made many people re-think whether they would drink their beer of choice since they now realized it had corn syrup in it.

  • One of the best ways to convey your “because” continues to be through television/video.

    • Not only is video and television the most consumed media, but people are often more engaged when watching television and videos since the nature of the delivery is more entertaining.

    • Spectrum Reach just launched a brand new Ad Portal, allowing small business to advertise via television/video on any device for as little as $250 - now allowing many small businesses the ability to afford television advertising, no matter the budget.

    • Learn More HERE - including a quick video from Spectrum Reach on how you might qualify for a FREE commercial, making it even easier to get started.

Learn more about Gerry O’Brion and his company “What Big Businesses Know” HERE and learn more about how businesses “Buy Your Because” HERE.

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