Marketing Representative

The marketing representative position at EnergyStar Windows entails profiling specific residential areas 
and selecting specific homes that match our companies marketing criteria and demographics. We recognize people for superior performance and have a fast track to upward mobility. If you are outgoing and like meeting new people this would be a perfect position. Realistic income of $1,200 to $1,800 every week.

We have the highest pay scale ever offered in our industry... and you'll agree when we cover the compensation plan with you. 25 hours per week. You set your own schedule. We provide  
thorough training to ensure your success. 

We expect you to be able to carry on an intelligent, clear conversation, well-groomed professional appearance, dependable transportation, and good positive attitude. 

Some of the highest producers have a background in insurance, pest control, security systems, home improvements, real estate, etc. and both genders have been highly successful at this position.

This is an outside position. You will not be sitting at a desk or working on the phone. There will be no paperwork or follow up required. The short hours and high pay allow you freedom from worrying about your bills and the personal time to pursue the things in life that make you truly happy. 

We're a solid company with a solid sales training program. If you love people and love the freedom that comes with setting your own schedule and you need to make great money every month,

Please send in your resume. We will call you back quickly. 
Frank Scott