Planning and Optimization Manager

Job Description

Position and Responsibilities:
The Analyst position is responsible for managing client/agency relationships, monitoring campaign performance, as well as managing data to deliver campaign insights. They must possess excellent active listening skills to understand client needs. Have the ability to translate those needs into trading objectives, the willingness to implement trading strategies into trading systems, as well as dive deep into large data sets, execute analysis, and develop advertiser insights. The Analyst works to ensure campaigns run smoothly - troubleshooting technical issues, delivering reports, and optimizing campaigns to client objectives, while delivering valuable insights to the client. They also work collaboratively with their peers, sharing trading and campaign insights with the group and assisting in training new analyst. Analyst reports into the P/O Manager



Client Engagement
• Manage client campaigns including: strategy development, project management, report delivery, and client communication.
• Assist with new business proposal creation and distribution
• As requested, work directly with partners or vendors to become fluent in new features, capabilities and/or troubleshoot client campaign issues
• Interface and collaborate with internal teams and vendors to develop a deep understanding of the capabilities and limits of the technologies we employ, including DSPs, DFA, Data providers, etc. 
• Communicates performance to clients as needed
• Communicates & executes requirements/needs with internal agencies to hit client KPI’s

Planning and Optimization
• Set up campaigns accurately in different systems, ensuring ad tags and creative are loaded correctly into the systems. If appropriate, make sure the creatives are approved before campaign launch date. 
• Master media buying-related technologies, including DSPs, DMP, 3rd party ad servers and manual exchanges
• Understand client performance objectives and develop successful strategies to meet them, and then some
• Hands-on execution and management of client campaigns
• Strong understanding of programmatic best practices and when to apply them on client campaigns
• Advanced level understanding of campaign, ad server, impression, and user data that can help capitalize on key drivers of performance and identify opportunities for account growth
• Translates advanced campaign goals to Optimization tactics across all platforms
• Executes advanced QA standards across assigned campaigns
• Executes basic & advanced reporting analysis using programmatic and 3rd party planning, activation & measurement tools
• Manages Salesforce at the account level inclusive of plugs as needed
• Develop and train analyst on all of the above

• Organize and pivot data information in a digestible fashion
• Responsible for thoroughly understanding all data targeting solutions
• Provide strategic campaign measurement recommendations that correlate to the targeting and brand objectives
• Provides in-field support to trading teams as subject matter experts on campaign insights.

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